FitSquad Studios Classes

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Bunz & Gunz:

Get those Arms & Glutes toned up with targeted exercises that change how they look & feel. You will be amazed at how quickly your body will change. 

Fall & Winter Class

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TRAP Boxing​

This endurance-based workout will create muscle tone; it will provide excitement with building hands, feet, and eye coordination.

Spring & Winter Class

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Rope Burn

So you say you like the battle ropes? This is the class for you. HITT Rope class like you never experienced before. High energy class with a guaranteed burning sensation start to finish. 

Summer & Fall Class

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Your ABS, Obliques, Lower Back, Inner Thighs, and Glutes will be put to the test. This class is designed to strengthen and define your core muscles to create the V-Shape/Hour Glass Figure you desire.  

Year-Round Class

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Slide & Glide​

This class is ideal for those seeking to get more upper body & core strength. It's a challenge worth taking. 

Spring & Summer Class

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Tone & Tighten​

Weights are our best friends. Once you see and feel how your body is changing, you won't stop working to get better. This class will allow you to shape your body. With proper meal planning, you can look and feel 5 years younger. Year-Round Class

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High-intensity intervals transform jumping rope from child's play to a fat-burning, coordination-building workout. This class will keep your heart rate above 80% to challenge your balance, foot speed, and overall endurance (in the WTF Kind of Way) LOL. Year-Round Class
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RedLine Bootcamp​

In order to be great, you must push your mind & body past being comfortable. Our goal is to keep you training at your peak (90% MHR) 20 to 30 mins in this 60 to 75 mins training session.

Hint Redline - Year-Round Class

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Fit 23 - 6 Weeks Series 

The 6 and 13 weeks class will get you on the right track of how to workout. You will learn technique, balance, weight selection, and more. This class is great for beginners & intermediate clients. 

Year-Round Class